Uniting the insurance technology ecosystem - today!

Carriers, brokerage technology vendors, digital brokers, 3rd party data services - we unite them all through a simple, uncomplicated insurance exchange platform.  Everyone is welcome, and it is strictly a bring-what-you-have party.  We'll take care of the rest!

Unite Insurance Exchange Platform is Accelerating Connecitvity.


Unite Really Does Unite Insurance!

Here are some of the core services that are accessible to all Unite participants:


API Connectivity

Unite allows you to present one connection to the entire ecosystem, greatly reducing project complexity, timelines and costs. Adding new parties can be accomplished in weeks, not months, and maintenance becomes streamlined since it is a single connection - not many! Inquiry, Billing Schedule, Rating, Underwriting, Policy Upload- if you can expose it, we can integrate it.

Statistical Reporting Services

Unite enables carriers to easily meet regulatory reporting needs, including IBC, GAA and Risk Sharing Pool reporting. With the ability to integrate to any data feed or warehouse format, and decades of Canadian regulatory reporting expertise, we can provide efficient, streamlined statistical reporting.

EDI Download

Unite provides carriers with core EDI and eDocs Download capabilities. Whether utilizing legacy policy and claims systems, or recently modernized systems, Unite can enable this core functionality providing you with download connectivity to your brokers.

External Data Sources

Through your Unite connection easy access to 3rd party data sources is available. Reduce your integration timelines and get more data through your simple Unite connection.


Everyone is Welcome.

Absolutely. Everyone.  If you are providing a service, data or other value add components - you are in. It is that simple.

No Barriers to Entry.

None.  Not a single one. We aren't joking. Bring what you have, and we will work with you to integrate quickly and painlessly.

Unparalleled Industry Expertise.

We staff the leading experts in CSIO and ACORD standards in Canada. With decades of experience, we are here to help!

Your Existing Security.

We know your organization has their own policies and practices - Unite is designed to integrate with your preferred authentication and authorization processes.  And no data is persisted - by design.

Managed API Roadmap.

Relying on the industry developed API roadmap, we are working with Unite clients to bring APIs online in an organized fashion, to allow brokerageworkflows to change through critical mass adoption.

Decentralized Centralization.

Architected to eliminate single points of failure, while at the same time connecting quickly and efficiently, the Unite Insurance Exchange Platform is dynamically built to support insurance transaction flows.


Connecting - Made Easy


Contact us now to schedule an initial Preintegration discussion. We will then work with you to structure out a plan that will quickly start yielding benefits for your brokers, as well as begin to trim unnecessary costs out of the distribution model. Our engagement model has been designed to ensure that all questions are answered upfront, and that the cost and benefit views for each carrier are well defined.

The Plan

We will then formulate the connection plan, including all your specific details. While we keep the need for your experts to a minimum, we will include the asks that will be made on their time during this process. Once everyone is happy with the initial scope and timeline view, we will move from plan creation to working The Plan!


The initial integration will take the longest, as we work with your team to ensure that your organizational security protocols, authentication and authorization models, and any other specific nuances are met. Good news – we are so confident that Unite will change your world, that for many new Unite participants we are able to connect your first API for free!  

Testing and Delivery

We will work with you on joint testing,  again with a view to minimize core resource time on your side, to efficiently and effectively test your integration. Go Live and Post Implementation Verification components are included in The Plan, with nothing left to chance.

And From Here We Grow!

Once you have an initial integration, the sky really is the limit. Unite enables you to quickly and efficiently connect to other Unite participants, as well as to other parties who have not yet got onboard. We hope all Unite participants will work with us to achieve the key industry integrations that will bring joy to brokerages across Canada!

Why Unite?

We truly believe that Unite should be owned and managed by the industry, for the industry. We believe that one day this will happen, and that an industry organization will adopt Unite, or a new industry organization will be born out of Unite. But this takes time, and time is what we are in short supply of right now.  Brokers need to provide compelling customer service on par with what consumers are used to in other channels. With large organizations waiting in the wings to disrupt the brokerage distribution network, it is do or die time. So, for now we have tackled the greatest barrier to finally modernizing insurance connectivity by establishing Unite.  The heavy lifting is done, and the risk is removed.  And we will keep talking with all parties to find the home of best fit go forward!


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